Qwk.Tips Proximity Marketing is for any business that wants to reach the 63% of people who use Android™ and are nearby right now. Like...

Gyms & Fitness Studios
  • Promote Special Introductory Pricing Offers to Foot Traffic Outside Your Door
  • Place It Around Your Facility To Encourage Personal Training and Group Class Signups
  • Have Your Trainers Carry One With Them to Create a Mobile Marketing Cloud
Real Estate Agents & Brokers
  • Effortlessly Promote Open Houses & Encourage Virtual Tours
  • Affix to For Sale Signage & Link to 360° Photos of the Property
  • Place Beacons in Your Office Window to Promote and Highlight Select Property Details
Bars, Cafes & Restaurants
  • Promote Events & Encourage Social Sharing
  • Offer Drink & Food Specials to Increase Average Check Value
  • Build Your Email List with Opt-Ins for a ‘Secret Menu’
Car Dealerships
  • Empower Customers to Skip the Queue & Book a Test Drive
  • Social Check-ins on Facebook™ and Foursquare™
  • Wirelessly Distribute Model Info Sheets
  • Drive Special Promotions & Opt-ins